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Many companies and website owners focus all their efforts on this one puzzle piece. In my opinion, this is to their detriment, as there are other important factors to consider in your overall strategy. Having said that, without visitors, you can’t survive either.

This one puzzle piece has a huge variety of options open to the website owner. Most of our Tools are focused on this area, it is that important.

1. On-site Content

This comes in the form of Articles, Videos, Images, and obviously your Services and/or Product descriptions.

Each of these should also be attached to your business social media presence, and where possible to other sites. Your business’ social media is an extension of your On-site content.

2. External Content

External content we define as other websites writing about your business, including Articles, Videos, Images, and again, your Services and/or Product descriptions.

3. External Social Media

Often miss-understood, External Social Media we think of has having others talk about you on social media sites, through direct links or sharing your content.

While the above puzzle pieces will assist with more visitors, it is not the only important part that can be focused upon. Our Online Business Growth Management also works on each of these other pieces;

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