Digital Marketing Project Management Services

Some websites only need a small project to improve results, others require more or less project work as part of an overall business growth plan. Some of the projects we often use include;

Content Experiments

Experiments allow us to complete ‘Analytical Design’. By creating several versions of any given page, and splitting the visitors to your site, randomly to each of the different tests, we can calculate which page is getting the desired result at the highest rate.

This process can continue, either on the one page, or on deeper and deeper pages within your site.

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Satellite Websites (Or Micro Sites)

Owning several website domains is becoming more common. The purpose can be varied; Testing a single product, Testing a different price point or creating redundancy around the fluctuations of the search results. You may be struggling to get one of your key products found online. All of these reasons are valid in creating satellite websites for your brand, business or a specific product.

Email Series writing

An email series could be used to educate your customers, create loyalty, or to provide extra value to your subscribers. Carefully written, they can provide an excellent return on investment.

Website Overhaul

Some websites get put together very quickly at the start of a new business, or they are ignored for years at a time. You may even change the focus of your business so that the old website no longer reflects the business accurately. In these cases, content experiments are not relevant, and a whole site overhaul is needed to correctly position you in your market, and set up the systems and processes that can take care of building your online business.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is still relevant for most businesses. Unfortunately, it is rarely integrated well with your online business, in such a way to build new customers, or encourage current customers back.

While we are experts at online business, we know the importance of print, be it newspaper, magazine, flyers or brochures. More importantly, we can help you devise a plan that integrates the results with your online business.

Video Marketing

Almost every successful online business recognises that video marketing plays a very important part of any online business. Your video can be an introduction, case study, product review, testimonial or educational. The important point is that it is consistently published with a defined plan and measured results.

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