Tools in your Digital Marketing Toolkit

The following tools are available options as part of our Online Business Growth Management services. We will help you understand each of these, and recommend what you should be doing, based on your goals and business size.

On-site Articles

Our recommendation is always, that you participate - either by writing whole articles and getting them edited, or clearly defining an article, and getting a ghost writer. Worst case is you suggest topics and we will research and write for you.

  • Usually 700-1000 words per article is the goal.
  • You should distribute these in your newsletter, blog and linked from real social profiles of business and staff.
  • Recommended to purchase a future bank of articles up to your budget.

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Off- Site Articles

Full articles about you and your business are a vital part of getting quality links back to your website. While there are programs that will create articles, these are generally very poorly written, and we do not use or recommend them. These articles however are not usually at the same quality level as the articles you post to your website, and while you could publish them we usually will not recommend it as a general rule.

Human written 500-600 words (3 articles per topic/keyword)

  • Links from articles to;
  • Your internal pages related to topic,
  • Your Social media sites,
  • Other articles about you.
  • Submitted to various article websites
  • These are genuine articles, they will usually have links to other high ranking pages, such as Wikipedia, or related industry sites in other countries (non-competitors sites) the practices change occasionally based on the latest recommendations from SEO analysis.

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Social Media Management

This package is the management of you/your business pages, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). The importance here is that the content represents ‘YOU’ and requires much more high quality, two-way interaction.

  • It should be linked with certain goals such as; increasing likes or promotions/special offers each month.
  • Recommended minimum is 3 months.

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Video Production and publication

Videos should be a key part of your business communication with You Tube being the second largest search engine (behind Google), and an excellent medium for customers to get to know your business.

Videos can range from a series of slides about your business, set to either music or a voice over, through to product demo’s, or help and advice.

Prices are set to your needs and vary on requirements.

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Identities Manager

Real people have identities on lots of websites. The problem is managing all of these profiles on all of these sites. We manage and send updates (3 per week) to up to 100 different social networks and blog sites. These can be in your name or in a persona. (Pen name for a writer contracted to you).

  • Includes top tier profiles (Google, Facebook, Twitter, plus hundreds of others)
  • All updates are approved by you in advance.

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Analytical Design

Designing your website to be effective takes time. Just like a retail store is built on a tested layouts, and then incrementally improved over time. The same process is ideal for your website.

If needed we re-build to a proven design, and clean up your site. Then we start the process of Analytical Design. This lets us implement changes and measure the results in your key metrics, to ensure that every change is improving your business.

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All design work is completed on a custom project by project approach to meet your needs.

Google Adwords (paid advertising)

Can include;

  • text/keyword adverts,
  • Re-marketing,
  • Telephone tracking,
  • Call recording.

While this list is not a complete list of the tools at our disposal, it is a good list of the most commonly used tools that our customers use.

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