Tips for a great website

Brendan Byrne Written by | Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tags: More Often, More Sales, Web Design Principles

Tips for a great website

This list is not the ONLY things that matter, they were just top of mind for me when I needed to write some ideas down.

  • Within SECONDS a visitor needs to know what the page (or site) is about. It has to be abundantly clear.
  • Your main goal for each page should be obvious. e.g.; buy now or read more, or sign up.
  • Explain your WHY often. Your why you do what you do will help people connect with you - if it is a good why.
  • “If in doubt, test it out” If you think something might work, testing is the best way to get real results.
  • Implement a compelling offer to customers to entice them back to your site after a purchase/sign up.
  • If you find yourself checking out the competition’s website for idea’s, you are only a follower. Become a leader by doing something different.
  • Be prepared to STANDOUT in the herd. Personality goes a long way to being remembered (for the right reasons)
  • Make sure the experience of working with you creates memorable times. Some call this a ‘WOW factor’.

That's it, that is my short list of the check list of what you have to do to impress me with your website.