Increasing Site Traffic to get More Visitors

Many companies and website owners focus all their efforts on this one puzzle piece. In our opinion, this is to their detriment, as there are other important factors to consider in your overall strategy. Having said that, without visitors, you can’t survive either. This one puzzle piece has a huge variety of options open to the website owner. Most of our Tools are focused on this area, it is that important.

This one puzzle piece has a huge variety of options open to the website owner. Most of our Tools are focused on this area, it is that important.


Be seen as the solution for your customers problems by appearing at the top of the most relevant searches.

If you want to rank for the most relevant informational and transactional keywords and to stay on top pf search trends, then you need someone dedicated to doing just that.

With the right amount of time and budget, we can develop a content strategy that can get you ranking on the first page of Google.

Content comes in the form of On- Site and External content. These are both important factors when it comes to the way search engines Crawl, Rank and Index your site.

1. On-site Content

This comes in the form of Articles, Videos, Images, and obviously your Services and/or Product descriptions.

Each of these should also be attached to your business social media presence, and where possible to other sites. Your business’ social media is an extension of your On-site content.

2. External Content

We define External content we define as other websites writing about your business, including Articles, Videos, Images, and again, your Services and/or Product description this is because getting referenced and building backlinks from authoritative sources is a key ranking factor for SEO.

Social Media

Build awareness of your brand and get more visitors to your site.

The buck (or cow) doesn’t stop there. The best businesses don’t just create content but start a conversation, we refer to this as External Social Media.

External Social Media:

Often miss-understood, External Social Media we think of as having others talk about you on social media sites, through direct links or sharing your content.

Social Media is about engaging and sustaining your community and your focus should always be to bring value to your customer: Entertain, provoke thought or provide useful information.

Our Social Media Offering

The following services are dependent on need and budget:

  • Have strong, relevant and timely content made just for your target market.
  • Free your time and have peace of mind knowing we will Create, Curate and Manage all your published Social Media Content.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity and stay relevant to your market. We use the best tools to Monitor and respond to your community with the goal of driving business
  • We will grow and nurture your community including researching and reaching out to influencers.
  • We can manage the design of social assets –Social Media profile pic, Cover Photo, video thumbnails, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads, landing page (forms and CTA’s), blogs.
  • Have us manage your promotions and social advertising campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • We will Analyze, review, and report on ROI.
  • Have your campaigns Optimized and developed using best practices.

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