Why Go Organic?


SEO is a competitive and time-consuming discipline that provides you the opportunity to position yourself as the top solution for your customers and can be more effective than paid ads.

As an SEO Agency, it is One Orange Cow’s job to stay up to date with the latest Google Algorithm updates and factors that will affect where your business is seen online. We have the knowledgebase and practical expertise to optimise your site for search engines so that you can start reaping the benefits of an improved ranking. Interested in hearing exactly how we will help your business reach page 1? Book a free discovery session where we can discuss a plan for your site.

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How Does SEO Work?

When a website is being evaluated by a search engine, two things are taken into account - relevance and trust. Relevance looks at the quality of the website's content and how well it meets the needs of the searcher. Trust looks at factors such as how long the website has been around, how often it is updated, and how many links it has from other websites.

Building Relevance and Trust

Relevance Building is the process of taming and enhancing a website's code, structure and performance, as well as ensuring that the material accurately reflects the company and brand.

Building relevance Consists of the Following.

  • Use main keywords across the important HTML tags (We review the search volume of Keywords to target the most lucrative keywords based on the latest search trends for your products and industry.)
  • Implement robots.txt file
  • Check SSL
  • Ensure website is W3C compliant
  • Optimise images to reduce file size
  • Internal & External links
  • Fix broken links
  • Improve page load times
  • Incorporation of Microdata/Structured Data

We then continue by fostering trust in the eyes of the search engines by building backlinks from relevant websites that point to your site as the solution for these queries (it helps to think of these as votes for your website from trusted sources) more votes = higher rankings. Not all backlinks are created equal ensure you are not being penalised by Search Engines for spammy links and link farms – do it the right way with us!

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How long does it take to see results?

It takes time to develop strong organic SEO and their are many factors to consider such as your industry, competiion, location current rankings, and selected keywords. Typically, it takes months to reach your goal but this can be expeditied or extended and is entirely based on the amount of quality links and optmised content that is being added to your site.

How do You Know it’s working?

We provide complete transparency into all the services we provide. This way, our clients can see how their campaign is progressing. We give each customer access to our own reporting dashboard, which displays every SEO activity undertaken by us. Clients can follow the effectiveness of each dollar of their budget and track keyword movement, as well as overall performance.

We are here to help

One Orange Cow are here to fill the knowledge gaps that are slowing your business growth.

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