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The Big Three Social Channels: Stats and Tips to Help You Get The Most Out of Them!

With so many Social Media channels rising and falling over the years (Myspace, anyone?) And the meteoric rise of others, it seems Marketers have had to learn and abandon platforms at the drop of a hat if they want to stay at the cutting edge.

How Your Business Model Should Dictate Your Marketing Efforts (B2B and B2C)

Based on your business model, your approach to Inbound Marketing will differ. Sure, the methodology and the Buyers journey are similar but the content, timeline to sale and how you utilise your channels will differ.

Why has Inbound Marketing taken over? (And how can you do it?)

In the last 10 years people have learned to tune out traditional marketing tactics and instead choose to access the content they want to consume at a time that suits them. Read More to find out ,why?

The Must Know on Landing Pages

A landing page is the first page that a visitor sees when they show up on your website, typically after following an ad or accessing your website via a social media link. You can think of it as the page where they “land” after clicking, and these pages are designed to capture leads and funnel prospective customers into a sale. Landing pages are different than traditional webpages, in that they are typically devised with a purpose and with a strategic marketing campaign behind them, not simply to share content or information about your brand or company. In essence, landing pages are designed to capture a visitor’s information and are targeted to a specific stream of traffic.

How to Implement Google Ads

Even after you’ve initially put together your ad campaign, you want to have a system in place to look at essential metrics and also be able to test things. The reason testing is so important is that different keywords may be a better match at different times due to outside trends, but there’s no way to know this unless you take the time to test things out.

A successful website seeks a successful business

Visiting a website gives customers a particular impression of your business. But if that’s not reinforced by a great customer experience when they purchase or contact you, your website will never achieve its full potential.

More Visitors. More sales. More often.

The easiest way to increase sales is to give past clients a reason to come back. Yet in my opinion, it’s also the most overlooked sales strategy.

Tips for a great website

This list is not the ONLY things that matter, they were just top of mind for me when I needed to write some ideas down.

How to convert more visitors to customers on a website

In this article the term “Conversion” refers to converting those who visit a particular website into customers. Whether the purpose of a site is to sell designer shoes, concert tickets, or counselling services, the ultimate goal is the same. Knowing how conversion optimisation works can help anyone who runs a website to convert as many people as possible into customers.